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Let’s see how professional buyers buy watches

A multi-angle analysis of what you should consider before buying a smartwatch

The first thing to consider when buying a smartwatch is your mobile phone brand. Many smartwatches can only maximize their functions if they are paired with a mobile phone of the same brand.

Otherwise, many functions will be castrated or poorly adapted. It is recommended to choose the same brand as the mobile phone. . As a friendly reminder: Apple Watch can only be used with iPhone, and Android phone cannot be used with it; after locking the brand, consider the price second, which is the logic of purchasing a smartwatch.

Pick according to material

The common materials of electronic watches are K gold, gold-plated, tungsten steel, stainless steel, leather, rubber, plastic, etc. The higher-end brand electronic watches are generally made of K gold, and the price is relatively expensive; the more common medium and high-end electronic watches are mostly Tungsten steel is used as the case material, which can effectively prevent scratches and wear.

The use of the case lasts for a long time, which is not only beautiful but also durable; most electronic watches made of rubber, plastic and other materials are sports electronic watches and children’s electronic watches. Due to its material characteristics, this type of electronic watch has good shock resistance and shock absorption, and the price is relatively cheap; in addition, in terms of surface material, most of the high-quality electronic watches use the sapphire mirror as the surface, because of its high density and high hardness. , which can make the surface of the electronic watch more wear-resistant, and not easy to scratch and wear, and most of the inferior electronic watches use glass coating as the surface material, which is prone to oxidation and scratches, and has poor durability.

Pick by function

High-quality electronic watches have functions such as waterproof, shockproof, world time, date, alarm, etc. Even if you wash your hands, wash your car, bathe in daily life, and encounter rainy days, sports, and swimming, you don’t have to worry about the electronic watch being damaged. High-end waterproof technology makes everyone worry-free in daily wear, and shockproof can better protect the electronic watch, reduce the impact of external shock and vibration on the electronic watch, and make it last longer, world time, date, alarm, etc. Functions can also provide you with greater convenience in your daily life.

Pick by style

Wearing a watch is not only to see the time, it is also a good decoration. Whether you are a hipster, a playful woman, a stable man or an intellectual woman, it can be reflected in the electronic watch you wear, so buy one. An exquisite electronic watch that suits your personality also reflects your own taste.

What’s more?


The main thing is to observe whether the case has scratches and bumps? Are there impurities in the surface? Friends who like to wear a leather strap can ask whether the watch with a steel strap is convenient to replace the strap.


Large-scale watch shops basically have certain equipment to detect the accuracy of watches. If conditions permit, you can ask the clerk to measure the time on the machine, and you can choose a watch that is relatively accurate.


When pulling the head adjustment, see if the hour and minute hands coincide at the twelve o’clock position and align with the twelve o’clock hour markers.


Make sure that the certificate box is complete, with relevant accessories such as instructions, and ask for an invoice.


You can try to see if the calendar jumps around the twelve o’clock mark.

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